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- All services and goods supplied by Training Access (UK) are subject to the terms set out herein, except as varied in writing. The acceptance of a quote shall be deemed to be acceptance of these terms of business.
- All services provided by Training Access (UK) shall be to a professional standard and in accordance with the agreed quotation, in all respects with its requirements or the requirements of any other relevant authority or entity. The Client shall ensure that the quotation complies in all respects with their requirements, or any authority or any other person or entity involved. Where the client requires modification or additions to the quotation, it is their responsibility to make a written request to Training Access. Training Access shall only be responsible for supplying the services or items listed in any order or quotation.
- It is the Client's responsibility to ensure that Training Access is notified of and provided with any and all relevant documentation or information necessary to carry out the required work. It is also the Client's responsibility to ensure that any elearning material, documentation and information provided by Training Access meets their or any third party needs and requirements. Eildon Safety Services accept no responsibility if any requirements of third parties (unless previously notified in writing) are not met.
- Training Access shall not use or disclose any of confidential information supplied by the client relating to the organisation, finances and business activities of the client.
- If the client makes any assignment for the benefit of its creditors, commit and/or fail to inform Training Access of any act of bankruptcy or if being a limited company, shall suffer any receiver of its assets to be appointed or upon commencement of any winding up or upon failure to pay any sum due to Training Access whether due under this contract or otherwise upon other breach of contract by the client, Training Access shall be entitled to cease work immediately and bring to an end any service or provisions supplied by Training Access hereunder. Upon ceasing work and bringing to an end any service or other things supplied by Training Access hereunder, any agreement or contract shall be deemed to have been terminated but without affecting any pre-existing rights of the parties including Training Access right to receive payment of the full price of the agreement or contract without deduction.
- Training Access shall not be liable for any breach of an agreement or terms hereof where such a breach was caused by or substantially contributed to by any cause beyond the control of the Training Access including (without limitation) Act of God, insurrections, riot, civil commotions, Government or other enforceable regulations embargoes, explosions, strikes, labour disputes, fire and exceptionally adverse weather.
- Payment shall be made within 28 days of issue of any invoice by Training Access. Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 shall apply to all contracts.
- All E-learning training produced or supplied by Training Access, will clearly display the terms and conditions of use.
- The elearning author or supplier of the training material, retains the ownership of the intellectual property in all e-learning training material supplied to the client. The customer shall not reproduce all or part of the e-learning material except for the use of the clients’ employees, members, volunteers, etc. without the written consent of elearning author or supplier of the training material.
- Training Access will replace free of charge e-learning software supplied to the client in the event of errors or mistakes notified within 12 months of the date of supply. It is the responsibility of the client to run the e-learning software through its own virus protection software and thereafter Training Access accepts no liability for losses of any nature arising out of faults caused by viruses.
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